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Life can be unpredictable — you never know what’s around the corner in both your personal and professional life. For those events in life that nobody likes to think about such as redundancy, illness or sudden death of a family member, protecting yourself and your family financially is the best way to plan for the unknown.

If you’re suddenly struck by one of life’s unfortunate events, suitable cover for your family is an invaluable asset to have and this financial protection can make a real difference to the ones you love most.

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My experience with Retirement & Investment Solutions was very positive. Neil displayed a detailed knowledge of the Pensions market and was able to discuss this in a very clear and straightforward way. The RIS approach was to be both helpful and professional, discussing things in detail to ensure the correct decision was reached. There was always the opportunity for further discussion and this along with detailed documentation has allowed us to have confidence in the decision we made.

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