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What should financial advice look like?

Defined Benefit Pension Transfer Advice. What it SHOULD look like!

It seems a working day does not pass without several articles on “Defined Benefit” or “Final Salary Pensions”- and why not? This area continues to be the hot topic both for the people with these types of pensions seeking advice, and the regulator alike. 

Last week, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) released an excellent video, which is to show you the client what you should expect from advice firms when we are giving advice on this complex and very specialised area of advice.

This is really great to see from the FCA, and we feel at RIS that it is very well timed. If you are seeking advice on Defined Benefits/Final Salary pensions, do make sure you have watched this video first to find out what the advice process SHOULD look like in advance.

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