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Gold Standard for Pensions Advice

All about the Gold Standard for Pensions Advice

For those of us who are interested in the history of “The Gold Standard”, Investopedia have a fantastic article which gives a concise and interesting look at the back-story, the evolution, and the eventual death, of the Gold Standard from modern monetary systems and economies.

In the here and now, we are interested in the Gold Standard once again- this time in the context of those who seek professional advice because they hold Safeguarded Pension rights and need to understand all their options in retirement.

At Retirement & Investment solutions, we are very proud to be a “Gold Standard” firm, and to adhere to all the principles of the voluntary code of practice set out by the Personal Finance Society.  To “Stick or Twist” with a pension for life is not a decision to take lightly, quickly, or without professional advice. That needs to come from those who bear the Gold Standard for Pensions Advice.

Gold may have fascinated humankind for over 5000 years; The pension debate will continue to fascinate us for a while yet.  Should you need advice in this complex area, please contact us for more information and a no-cost initial discussion to see how we can help.

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